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All my hair is gone!!!

Before :





I think I lost 2lbs just in hair weight.. haha. It does make my face more ’round’ than before, but I was expecting that … and it’s the motivation I need to keep on losing weight. I don’t think anyone realises just how much weight I put on when I was pregnant with Alex and how much I have to lose… *shudder*



*watches all the men skip to the next post*


Well, I’m getting all my hair hacked off tomorrow. I’m sick of it. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. It grows fast enough so I’m sure it’ll be long again soon enough… lol. It’s just it takes soooo long to dry and after a disasterous spiral perm about six months ago it’s in really lousy condition.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and you can all recoil in horror at it.. 😉 I’m also doing it because my weight loss is stalling and I need some incentive. Shorter hair makes my face look fatter, so I’m more inclined to diet… well, that’s the theory anyway!!! lol

I also painted the house today. I painted the short breakfast bar wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. It needs another coat tomorrow, but I’m hoping this gives Alex somewhere to paint so he stops using ALL my walls as his canvas. I also painted the other wall in the living room ‘chocolate mousse’! My living room is now positively sinful, with chocolate mousse on one half of it and the other covered in Belgian Chocolate… oh, and Tom calls the other colour (which is going away soon), Vanilla Icecream… and he’s spot on too! Now all I need is a couple of buckets of blue from the kitchen and we’re set. UGH!


I’m addicted to a web community. Haha. But seriously, I am!

I was an Everquest Addict (too many characters to post, but mains were a level 60 Bard (Caliope) and a level 60 Paladin (Orla) on the Firiona Vie RP server).

I was a World of Warcraft Addict (again too many to count, but we have Jezibelle a level 60 warrior and Guild Main Tank on Medivh and Effie and Emmie; level 60 Undead Rogue and Priest respectively on the EU Ravenholdt Server).

I used to think that it was Warcraft or Everquest that was addictive, but that’s so not true. They are, in their own way, and they can drag you in so deep you don’t want to do RL anymore because the game has you by the proverbial balls, but I don’t think it’s the games. I think it’s the Internet. This giant global community where you can have a voice and speak without fear of RL retribution. Where you can be yourself or not, anything goes. Where you have this giant cornucopia of people from which to choose your friends from and can talk to, or not talk to, anyone.

It’s liberating. It’s empowering. It’s soooo addictive, and at last I realise that it’s not exclusive to online games.

*pause for dramatic effect*




So, does that mean I can go back to Warcraft?


*my undead just cannibalized your honor student*



So, I’m sitting here debating whether to delete the below post or not. Issues are sort of resolved on the site. Hmm… sort of. She apologized to me because she found out that there was a problem with Yada all along and I apologized for calling her names… heh. Thing is, I post my blog in my signature and whilst I want my blog to be out there for people to read, (isn’t that the whole point?), at the same time I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by posting it.

I decided to keep the post. I mean, it’s my blog about my feelings, and to remove a post after the fact is denying the feelings existed at that time, if that makes any sense. So the post stays.

So, today I had a run in with the admin on a birth board I frequent. Or should I say ‘frequented’, as in past tense! I’ve had problems browsing that site for months, but have been told repeatedly that it’s not a Yada/Server issue and must be a browser/user issue… and they’re not interested. Lovely. So I just resigned myself to it being slow but kept going there because I really did like the people I chatted there with.

Anyway, last night I lost it. She (the admin) posted several threads in the Computer Forum about I.E.7 and how people should not upgrade yet … etc. etc. and quoted a big long thread about it. I mentioned it to John and said that it made no sense as I’d been using I.E.7 for months and he came and looked at the article and pointed out that it was published in February 2006! This ‘admin’ of a Web Community wasn’t even aware that Microsoft had released a new version of Internet Explorer five months previously, and all this time had been talking to me like I was a total idiot and it was nothing she was doing that made the site run like a slug. Hah! So I lost it and pointed out her error in not the most polite terms, I must admit, but I was angry! She’d talked to me and other’s like we were stupid for months and it was her all along!

She got so worked up and ‘hurt’ by people when they posted that the site was running slow. Comments left and right about how hurtful it is when people say the site is running slow and 95% of people have no problem and she’s doing her best, blah, blah, blah. How can you run a community site that’s open to the public and get upset when people say it’s not working right? Surely you should embrace the comments as a means of making the site the best it possibly can be?  She spent the better part of the morning going on about how hurt she was by this as no one appreciated all the hard work she does.  It’s not about the hard work she does, it’s about the way she treats the people who ask for help if that help implies that her site is anything less than perfect.

Why the hell does anyone create a community site if they’re going to burst into *virtual tears* whenever anyone has a problem with it???

Oh, and the answer to all problems is this : “Clear your cache out” followed by “upgrade to Firefox, it works with Firefox!”



So, last night we had John’s Birthday Party. It was just John, myself and the kids and it was great! Tom zapped John with Silly String when he walked through the door. We had hats and ‘blowers’ as Tom calls them, Party Poppers and Cake and Sandwiches and Jelly (Jello) and all sorts of fun stuff as well as one more gift, which was a pair of framed tiles the boys had decorated. Well, Tom decorated them and Alex contributed his hand print. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, thought I’d share some pics of the festivities, so here you go.


So, today it is my husband’s 45th birthday. Tom has just finished making painted tiles in frames with handprints on them to hang on the wall. We shall give them to Daddy this afternoon at his birthday party. We’re having a private family party with just the two of us and the kids. I’ve bought balloons and matching table decorations and a cake and I’m making sandwiches and I have crisps (chips to you yanks.. heh) and little cocktail sticks with cheese and pickled onions on them… lol. Should be fun!!

I thought I’d start a blog because I generally don’t keep note of the little things that happen in my life, and I think I should. My mother said to me today that she wished she could remember some of the things we used to say as a child that made her chuckle, and so I start this blog. I actually think I’ll buy a hardback journal and print out my blog and make a ‘hard copy’ of it also, for posperity.

So, today on one of the birth boards I frequent there was a thread started to share our post-baby bellies. Oh yikes! The horror! Haha! It was actually done to share with one lady who’s fiance ‘hates’ her belly and has been putting her down about it (it’s a longer story than that, but that shall suffice for here). So, I posted my belly pic in support of all mother’s who feel ashamed about it and for no need. I also discovered a site called ‘The Shape of a Mother’ from one of the other ladies on the board and it was just brilliant. It’s nice to know that it’s normal for your belly to never be the same again. What is it about the world that this is not common knowledge and women’s bodies POST baby aren’t considered to be as beautiful or MORE so than they were before we brought new life into the world?

One of the posts had a lovely prose which I want to share here… because it made me cry. (Don’t read too much into that as post-Baby everything makes me cry… but that’s a whole other story… lol)

A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me.

It isn’t very pretty anymore. Some may even think it ugly. That’s OK. It was your home. It’s where I first grew to love you, where I lay my hand as I dreamed about who you were and who you would be. It held you until my arms could, and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it.