I’m addicted to a web community. Haha. But seriously, I am!

I was an Everquest Addict (too many characters to post, but mains were a level 60 Bard (Caliope) and a level 60 Paladin (Orla) on the Firiona Vie RP server).

I was a World of Warcraft Addict (again too many to count, but we have Jezibelle a level 60 warrior and Guild Main Tank on Medivh and Effie and Emmie; level 60 Undead Rogue and Priest respectively on the EU Ravenholdt Server).

I used to think that it was Warcraft or Everquest that was addictive, but that’s so not true. They are, in their own way, and they can drag you in so deep you don’t want to do RL anymore because the game has you by the proverbial balls, but I don’t think it’s the games. I think it’s the Internet. This giant global community where you can have a voice and speak without fear of RL retribution. Where you can be yourself or not, anything goes. Where you have this giant cornucopia of people from which to choose your friends from and can talk to, or not talk to, anyone.

It’s liberating. It’s empowering. It’s soooo addictive, and at last I realise that it’s not exclusive to online games.

*pause for dramatic effect*




So, does that mean I can go back to Warcraft?


*my undead just cannibalized your honor student*