So, today I had a run in with the admin on a birth board I frequent. Or should I say ‘frequented’, as in past tense! I’ve had problems browsing that site for months, but have been told repeatedly that it’s not a Yada/Server issue and must be a browser/user issue… and they’re not interested. Lovely. So I just resigned myself to it being slow but kept going there because I really did like the people I chatted there with.

Anyway, last night I lost it. She (the admin) posted several threads in the Computer Forum about I.E.7 and how people should not upgrade yet … etc. etc. and quoted a big long thread about it. I mentioned it to John and said that it made no sense as I’d been using I.E.7 for months and he came and looked at the article and pointed out that it was published in February 2006! This ‘admin’ of a Web Community wasn’t even aware that Microsoft had released a new version of Internet Explorer five months previously, and all this time had been talking to me like I was a total idiot and it was nothing she was doing that made the site run like a slug. Hah! So I lost it and pointed out her error in not the most polite terms, I must admit, but I was angry! She’d talked to me and other’s like we were stupid for months and it was her all along!

She got so worked up and ‘hurt’ by people when they posted that the site was running slow. Comments left and right about how hurtful it is when people say the site is running slow and 95% of people have no problem and she’s doing her best, blah, blah, blah. How can you run a community site that’s open to the public and get upset when people say it’s not working right? Surely you should embrace the comments as a means of making the site the best it possibly can be?  She spent the better part of the morning going on about how hurt she was by this as no one appreciated all the hard work she does.  It’s not about the hard work she does, it’s about the way she treats the people who ask for help if that help implies that her site is anything less than perfect.

Why the hell does anyone create a community site if they’re going to burst into *virtual tears* whenever anyone has a problem with it???

Oh, and the answer to all problems is this : “Clear your cache out” followed by “upgrade to Firefox, it works with Firefox!”