*watches all the men skip to the next post*


Well, I’m getting all my hair hacked off tomorrow. I’m sick of it. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. It grows fast enough so I’m sure it’ll be long again soon enough… lol. It’s just it takes soooo long to dry and after a disasterous spiral perm about six months ago it’s in really lousy condition.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and you can all recoil in horror at it.. šŸ˜‰ I’m also doing it because my weight loss is stalling and I need some incentive. Shorter hair makes my face look fatter, so I’m more inclined to diet… well, that’s the theory anyway!!! lol

I also painted the house today. I painted the short breakfast bar wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. It needs another coat tomorrow, but I’m hoping this gives Alex somewhere to paint so he stops using ALL my walls as his canvas. I also painted the other wall in the living room ‘chocolate mousse’! My living room is now positively sinful, with chocolate mousse on one half of it and the other covered in Belgian Chocolate… oh, and Tom calls the other colour (which is going away soon), Vanilla Icecream… and he’s spot on too! Now all I need is a couple of buckets of blue from the kitchen and we’re set. UGH!