Ugh. I just logged in and saw the Immigration post and now I’m all anxious again…. bah!

Anyway, onto other stuff… and this should fill in the gap so I don’t have to read that again… lol. So, what’s been happening lately. John is still working on The Jason Project only he got a payrise and a promotion! He’s now Product Manager, so I told him he needs to get his name on the credits 😉 If it continues to do well and move forward there’s a possibility we’ll be moving to Virginia. Not sure what we’ll do with the house. Probably rent it out and rent out up there too for at least the short term.

What else? We reseeded the front lawn and we’re seeding a big square of grass out the back that we’re going to fence in so the boys have small play area and it’s isolated from the pool we’re getting Tom for his birthday. My focus right now is to give the boys a good, fun place to play outside this summer.

So, Alex is trying to break into the office and therefore I must go be a mother.

Ta ta for now!