This is a tradition we started last year.   We bought a tube at the store that’s supposed to be a Christmas Tree Ornament which says on the side : Letter to Santa.  What we do is we write our letter to Santa and we place it in the tube and hang it on the door, then at some point in the evening an Elf on one of Santa’s Reindeer’s comes to collect the letter.

Last year was amazing and Tom was just utterly awed by the whole process.  This year was no different.  Tom and I are in Alex’s room reading Alex a bedtime story when we hear a bell ringing outside the bedroom window!  Tom ran to the window and then all three of us ran to the front door.  Tom is frantically looking around trying to see the reindeer to no avail.  He then grabs the tube and looks at me with total, complete and utter awe at the fact that the letter is gone!  John came out of the house and said : “What’s happening?” as Tom ran out into the front garden and yelled up into the sky : “Thank you!”.

I tried soooo hard not to cry, but I’m welling up just writing this…. 🙂

Sometimes I wish my children never had to grow up because things like this are so incredibly special.   I will treasure this memory forever and I will always have a snapshot in my mind of my little boy’s face when he saw the letter was gone…