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It has been pointed out to me that I don’t have hardly any pictures of me.  I hate pictures of me.  I’m always horrified as to how huge I look in photos.   Bleh.  Anyway… working on that, but for now… here you go.

I figured I will use the occasion of me getting glasses to take some pictures… oh, and the fact that I got a tripod helps.  It’s very, very odd taking photographs of yourself and smiling at a camera, rather than at the person taking the picture…. so…. here you go.




This last one is a little odd… lol.  The sun was behind me, but still really, really bright and bothering my eyes…. so I look kind of odd… haha.  Sorry!   At least I’m not sharing my cleavage in this one… heh.


So.  That’s me, my baby and my glasses….


Well, better late than never…. finally our Christmas Photos.

John bought me a new camera for our anniversary on the 23rd. It’s a great little camera for just snapping pics when I don’t want to carry around my Olympus DSLR, but the picture quality is appalling…. lol. I guess when you get used to brilliant quality you really notice when it’s BAD. This said, the primary reason for getting it was to take digital video and for that it’s great.

So, first some digital video with a link to Alex dancing to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ‘Wizards of Winter’…

Now time for pictures… 🙂

Waaaaay too many presents from Santa!!! These children are sooooo spoilt 😉

(Click on each picture to see a larger version)









Now for Christmas Lunch. Very quiet this year. Just the four of us, but I have to say, I really enjoyed it. A relaxing, all be it noisy, Christmas.





Happy Christmas!!!! (A little late… haha!)