It has been pointed out to me that I don’t have hardly any pictures of me.  I hate pictures of me.  I’m always horrified as to how huge I look in photos.   Bleh.  Anyway… working on that, but for now… here you go.

I figured I will use the occasion of me getting glasses to take some pictures… oh, and the fact that I got a tripod helps.  It’s very, very odd taking photographs of yourself and smiling at a camera, rather than at the person taking the picture…. so…. here you go.




This last one is a little odd… lol.  The sun was behind me, but still really, really bright and bothering my eyes…. so I look kind of odd… haha.  Sorry!   At least I’m not sharing my cleavage in this one… heh.


So.  That’s me, my baby and my glasses….