What’s going on? Well, Dad and Jan are coming to visit in two weeks…. less actually… two weeks yesterday, so we’re getting into clean up mode! Alex is chatting up a storm. He also likes to scream, so Dad should enjoy that! 😉

I coloured my hair yesterday… *sigh*. I usually go chocolate brown, but I decided to try Natural Black because the brown fades really fast. Natural? You’re kidding me?!! It looked dreadful! So, I tried to go chocolate brown over the top and that just gave the black a hint of red. Not as bad, but still icky. So today I bought “Artificial colour remover”. Everyone thinks I’m either brave or crazy…. haha! So, the box says to leave on for 50 minutes to an hour. This is basically peroxide bleach, so I was really nervous. Ten minutes in and my hair has a dark red twang to it, so I figured that should do it! I mean, I’m going brown over the top… it doesn’t need to be light blonde to do that… just not black.

So I rinsed…. and it looks great! I might be crazy, but I it has a copper brown look to it and I like it. I might go chocolate over the top in the end, but right now I’m going to give my hair a break and see if I can’t get it in better condition before I start adding even more colour.

So that’s my hair drama. What else is new? Oh yes. I’m running. A lot! It’s fabulous! I started doing the Couch to 5K plan which basically does exactly as it says… takes you from being a couch potato to running 5K… or 3 miles. I started on Jan 1st, but had to stop about three weeks later because I got shin splints. I am currently at week 6 and I’m running for 3 minutes, walking for 90 seconds, running for 5 minutes, walking for 2 1/2 minutes, running for 3 minutes, walking for 90 seconds, running for 5 minutes and then collapsing in a heap and dying…. haha! Actually I’m doing fine. I’m really enjoying it. My legs are trimming down a lot and my behind is shrinking, which is great motivation in itself!

I’m also doing Karate two days a week and am testing for my Yellow Belt next week. Yay! This time in just under 2 1/2 years I should be a black belt. Be warned!

I’m sure there’s more, but for now that’s it. I’ll post more later.

Oh. Diet. I’m down 40lbs now from my top non-pregnant weight. Yay! I still have another 40 to go, maybe more, but I’m doing well and happy with that.