hen I hear of all the snow etc. and we’re outside playing in the sprinkler, I do love living in Florida!

I am still waiting for John to get me access to all the St. Augustine Photos, which I will share, I promise, as soon as I can get them. There’s several gig’s worth so we’ve got to fix the network to get them.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to.

In the past two years we’ve gone through several Fabric and Metal Gazebo’s. They look fabulous for the first couple of months, and then they slowly disintegrate until they fall apart. I love them… then I loathe them! They also provide a great nesting place for bugs. Ugh!

So, we built a pergola. I love it! It’s BEAUTIFUL.

I will take some more pictures later as we put up hanging baskets and put in a ‘Bleeding Heart’ climber to climb up it, but these are the unembellished version.

We put up shade fabric too…. it’s lovely and cool when the rest of the garden is cooking! It will probably get hot in the middle of the summer, but we’re planning on putting in a misting system which will help keep it cool even in the height of summer.

Edited to add new pictures of Pergola as of Summer 08 as the old pictures were deleted from the Flickr account that was hosting them.

So, yesterday we had fun in the garden. Here’s the pictures!

And as usual…. it all ends in tears ….

Now…. finally…. Tom’s birthday party.

We’re having a Pirate Party! So, I currently smell of smoke! Check these out. He is seriously going to have the coolest invitations out there!

So… that’s all for now!