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I got a great shot of Alex in the back garden today…. and I then started playing with it.

You like??


So, today we have a fire.

I’m driving home from taking Tom to Karate and I notice this really cool looking cloud. Only it’s not a cloud. It registers that this cloud has a starting point and it looks really close. It turns out it’s actually about 20 miles away, but as you can see from the picture, you wouldn’t know it.

It was 40 acres at 2.30pm this afternoon and within two hours it’s grown to 600 acres, of which 0% is contained. Lovely jubbly. It’s insanely dry right now and today it’s really windy, which is not what you need when there’s a fire.

Anyway. Here’s a snapshot from the front yard.

On the plus side, the weather forecast says we have a 30% chance of rain tomorrow and a 40% chance of rain for Friday. Cross everything, people!

So, if you go to …. you will get to my homepage which links straight to here! It’s the only way to do it and incorporate the new galleries …. in the menu on the right.

I have a whole bunch of new pictures that will be going up there soon along with the “May 2008” one which is the most recent. Yes, I also finally got the St. Augustine pictures up!

Here are some of my favourites.