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… and John got me a kitten



So, yesterday Tom and I did our belt testing.   It’s really very cool as we’re both the same belt colours and doing the same curriculum each testing cycle.   I spent quite a bit of time in the back yard with Tom this time working on Tan-Gun (video here : ) …

Anyway… we both did really well and we both got A’s!  Yay!!   We are now, officially, Green Belts.   I’m looking forward to the next testing in two months when I’ll get my purple belt.  Green really isn’t my colour!

Here’s a couple of photos of Mr. Tom during his testing…


So, yesterday Alex turned three….

Stop growing up so fast, kid! Ahhh….

Anyway, it was a great day. Alex had a blast and so did everyone else. At the end of the day we were sitting in the living room when Alex picked up his Boo-Boo Bankie and took it to bed and closed the door and went to sleep. He was sooo tired.

I’ll post a couple of pictures here and the full gallery to in the link on the right. I also have a recommendation to make. Piclens. It’s lovely! You can view the gallery without it, but it looks soooo much better with it and I am going to use it for all my galleries from now on because like I said…. I love it.

Enjoy and Happy Birthday, Aggapuff!

We will be getting this printed out at 16″ x 20″ and putting it on the wall, because we both love it.   No matter how much my boys yell at each other and fight, you only have to look at these pictures and see how much they love each other.   I should have posted the one where Alex is laughing and Tom is crying (just after the “biting” picture) for a little more reality!