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I’ve been working a lot with my external flash this past couple of weeks and I have to say, I love it!  Not the flash alone, but the flash combined with the Demb Flip-it…. oh, I’m in love!

Anyway, some pictures to share from the end of the day yesterday with my boys.

Enjoy!  (There are more on my flickr Photostream ~ see left sidebar)


So, I’ve been experimenting some more with my flash and with a new ‘floor’ I got for the playroom studio.   I need a bigger studio as I can’t get far enough away from my subject.  Bah!  This means, I have to clean out the garage before I convert it…. haha!

Anyway, I got a couple of nice shots of Tom.  When he’s not doing the cheesy grin, he’s a really good little model!  I should sign him up for an agency and he can start work now to pay for his college education!

I also ran these through a vintage edit, which I really like!

Some pictures taken in my mini ‘studio’ …

I agreed yesterday to do a wedding for a friend.    I think my blood pressure has been elevated since and when I woke up during the storm in the middle of the night last night I didn’t get back to sleep for hours.

I’m terrified.  However, I think her expectations are suitably low, so hopefully I can surprise her by being better than she thought!

Watch this space!!

… a trip to the Painter’s Pond in Deland this morning with the boys.   I only saw a small part of it because it was already getting too hot to live.  I hate Florida in August.  The boys were outside yesterday to play and after three minutes Alexander was on his way inside claiming: “Too hot, Mama”.

Anyway…. pictures….

And a couple more from the Freedom Playground where we sweltered in the heat for about 20 minutes before the children just couldn’t take it anymore….

Tomorrow is Tom’s Karate Testing, so I’m going to attempt to get some decent pictures there… although my external flash isn’t here yet and it’s hard to get fast moving pictures indoors with no flash.

So, the other day I read this fabulous blog post by Nichole V ( about using natural light in portraits etc. etc.  She takes such wonderful photographs, I can only hope one day to be as good!

Anyway, today I made myself a reflector out of a car windshield light relector and hit the back yard with the boys to see what I could do.

Excuse the excessive amounts of sweat… it was really HOT out there!

I love the way the catchlights look in the first picture and the way the skin is smoothed out in the second, although I couldn’t get him to look AT me for love nor money.   Oh well.

Having fun learning!