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Just a couple of pictures today…. of Tom… and Tom and Gracie the dog.   It’s very strange having a dog called Gracie, when Grace is the name of my neice… but what can you do when you get a used dog??   Ha!  She’s beautiful and we love her… and here’s the pics.


The neighbours have a very scary pine tree that’s perching about 40 ft up on our Palm Tree…. I swear, it’s only a matter of time before it comes crashing into our yard.  On the plus side though, at least the boys have pine cones to collect, right?

Alex wouldn’t look at the Camera…. so you snooze, you lose, kiddo!

On Saturday my friend, Sally, came over to Orlando for a business trip and we got together with John and the boys and went to Seaworld.  It was really nice to see Sally again… as it’s been like, forever!  No pictures of Sally as she refused…. I have many of the back of her hand though?

Here’s some from the day…

And my usual view of John when we’re out at Seaworld or any other attraction for that matter ….the phone that takes pictures nearly as good as my camera.  I’m not jealous… honest.

It is true when they say that if you get your children to cook their own food, they are more likely to eat it.   Today, my boys cooked me dinner and it was delicious!

It was also a lot of fun!!!

Playtime before dinner …. and I snapped this and I love it.  He had four tests at school last week and he got 100% in all of them.  My Golden Boy…

My two new favourite pictures are ….

The rest are pretty cool too… so here you go!

Now, in the UK this would be “Labour” but as it’s a US holiday, I’m going to defer to your spelling!

Here’s some pics snapped in the back yard this afternoon.


And a flower …

Introducing our newest family member…. Miss Grace.  Also known as “Our Little Princess” … she’s going to be spoiled rotten!

Edited to add : Oh, and I bought some flowers yesterday.