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So, last year I started knitting a pair of trousers for Alex, but Mum thought I was crazy, so I kind of stopped.   I finally was inspired by a friend who knitted some for her son to finish them.

Not sure he will ever wear them out, but they’re really comfy for him to wear around the house, and they look cute too!   I might have to make him a hat to go with it and then take some more pictures!


My kids went to a Halloween Party this morning, and it was so much fun!  I also had a chance to practice bouncing my flash and I’m very happy with the results.

Here you go!


A friend posted a picture of her children that she’d managed to get of them both together and it was beautiful and it inspired me to try and get one of my boys together.   Utilizing the age old technique of “bribery by candy bar”, I gave it a shot and came up with a whole bunch of pictures!

Here they are!

Unable to find a picture where I loved BOTH boys …. I took the last two and using the miracle that is Photoshop, I merged them together…. and here you have, my final ‘creation’.

I’m in love.

I’m getting it printed on canvas at 30″x 40″ and putting it on the wall in the dining room!

So, yesterday the kids were outside playing in the paddling pool!  It was fun and everyone got a soaking!

Here are the pics!

When did he get so big???!!

I was browsing through my old files today… and when I look back at pictures I thought were actually ‘pretty good’, I’m kind of horrified! lol ..

Anyway, I played with one and it came out okay and I wanted to share here… because he’s so cute, and looks nothing like the Monster we currently have living in our house!

Today we went out and bought Halloween Costumes for the boys.  I think the whole Karate thing is rubbing off on Tom as he wanted to be a Ninja… and a very cool looking Ninja he is too!   Alex wanted to be a Dragon.  Well, he actually wanted to be Scooby Doo, but Scooby was really expensive, so a Dragon it is!