I’ve been taking pictures for a while now, and I’ve been focusing a lot on what is “technically” correct.  I think it’s a process everyone has to go through in order to learn what works and what doesn’t… but at the end of the day Photography isn’t just about being able to use your camera, it’s about creating art; at least that’s what it’s all about for ME.

Today I had an epiphany.   I received my wireless flash trigger so I got to play outside in the back yard with the boys.  Well, mostly with Tom as Alex kept running away.  What a surprise, eh?!

When I finished I realised that I’d FINALLY let go and it just started flowing for me.   It was like when I painted the painting of John and I zoned out and before I knew it I’d painted one of my favourite paintings…. and I couldn’t remember doing half of it… haha!

Anyway, here’s what I got.