So, we have a new website and a new blog!

It’s been soooo much work, but so worth it, I think!  I’ve managed to lose a post or two from the blog, which doesn’t exactly make me happy, but at least I didn’t lose it all, which was on the cards there for a while!

Hmm… so what did we lose?

Oh…. textures.  I discovered Textures.   I discovered that whilst I thought I didn’t like textures, I actually LOVE textures… ha!  I’ve been having so much fun with them!

One of my first attempts at using textures made Flickr’s Front Page Explore (What is Flickr Explore?).  Not only made Front Page, but made Number 2!  And with no further ado, here’s the picture that made it there….

I’ve been doing a lot of work with textures lately, so here are some of what I’ve done…

Oh.. and just for fun …

If I’m not back again before…. Happy Christmas folks!!!!