Okay, so I know it’s a day early, but both boys had Valentine’s Day Parties today so I’m just running with it!

I was going to get a picture of Tom with a flower he brought me from school, but he’s currently undergoing a “Candy Meltdown” in his bedroom…. argh!

So, here’s the pictures I got of Mr. Xander this morning…

Later edit :
So, Tom calmed down and I went to get some pictures of him with his “Crustatean” he got this morning at school.  It doesn’t matter how many times we tell him : “Tom, it’s a CARNATION”, he just can’t get it changed in his head…. ha!

Anyway… he said to me : “You know Mum, they sometimes hold flowers like this!” … and here’s the picture.

If you look really closely… in the front there.. there is one tooth sticking up a little further than the rest!  Yes, his first loose tooth!  Watch this space, for soon there will be one!!!!