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So, I’m writing a book!

It’s not your normal book, but it’s a book of our life from 2000 through today.  I’m currently at Tom’s first birthday and on page 35 of a 13 x 11 book, so I think this is going to end up costing us a fortune!

I asked John : “What else happened in 2003?  I can’t think of anything!” …. to which he replied : ” My Dad died and we got married”.  *thud*.  Oh yes.  That.  Well, I’m useless!

On that note, over and out!  I’m going to try and get some new pictures up soon… promise!


I’ve been trying to move this blog to a new host, but I cannot as it doesn’t appear that when I download my file for export that it takes the pictures.  So I’m a little stuck and as a result haven’t been updating much whilst I try and figure out what to do!

In the meantime, Tom lost his first tooth!  Whooo Hooooo!!!!!

Here’s a picture!