So, I decided, after being utterly disgusted with my hair, to start a regimen of vitamins that are supposed to be really good for hair growth and I think they’re working!  It’s growing pretty fast, which is excellent news, although right now, I still hate my hair.  I decreed that I am never cutting my hair short ever again.  Yeah right… lol.

Anyway, moving on.  What’s new at the house?  Nothing much to be honest.  I washed the carpets this weekend as we had a flood in the playroom.   Hmmm… we’re waiting on some inheritance money from John’s Dads ‘estate’ and our tax rebate.  Mum is coming to visit in a month, which we’re all very excited about.

I need to post “before, during and after” pictures of our back yard, so watch this space for that.

Nothing else to report!