So, I decided, after being utterly disgusted with my hair, to start a regimen of vitamins that are supposed to be really good for hair growth and I think they’re working!  It’s growing pretty fast, which is excellent news, although right now, I still hate my hair.  I decreed that I am never cutting my hair short ever again.  Yeah right… lol.

Anyway, moving on.  What’s new at the house?  Nothing much to be honest.  I washed the carpets this weekend as we had a flood in the playroom.   Hmmm… we’re waiting on some inheritance money from John’s Dads ‘estate’ and our tax rebate.  Mum is coming to visit in a month, which we’re all very excited about.

I need to post “before, during and after” pictures of our back yard, so watch this space for that.

Nothing else to report!

Channeling Julia :  “Big Mistake.  HUGE!”

What was I thinking?  Well, in all honesty, what I was thinking is that my ends were really badly split from a bad dye job and subsequent repair a couple of months ago that no amount of conditioning was going to fix, and that a really good short CHOP! was about the only way I could see of improving the situation.   However, by the time I got from the Salon to the car I was thinking: “Oh. My. Gosh.  What have I done?!”

It’s too short for me.  I look like a manic, overweight, slightly deranged, pixie.  It’s kind of cute though, in a manic, overweight, slightly deranged, pixie sort of way.  If I can just get used to it and try and make the front sit the way I want, I think it might not be so bad.   I said to John earlier : “It wouldn’t be so bad if the front wouldn’t keep going in two different directions”, to which he added : “Three, if you could straight up!”.  Thanks, Dear.  Always know I can rely on you….. lol.

So, there you have it.  Bad hair month coming up for me.  This said, I’ve just finished researching what vitamins can help hair grow strong and healthy and FAST!

Have a GREAT day!  Bah!







*runs screaming from the room to bury her head in the sand*

So, I’m writing a book!

It’s not your normal book, but it’s a book of our life from 2000 through today.  I’m currently at Tom’s first birthday and on page 35 of a 13 x 11 book, so I think this is going to end up costing us a fortune!

I asked John : “What else happened in 2003?  I can’t think of anything!” …. to which he replied : ” My Dad died and we got married”.  *thud*.  Oh yes.  That.  Well, I’m useless!

On that note, over and out!  I’m going to try and get some new pictures up soon… promise!

I’ve been trying to move this blog to a new host, but I cannot as it doesn’t appear that when I download my file for export that it takes the pictures.  So I’m a little stuck and as a result haven’t been updating much whilst I try and figure out what to do!

In the meantime, Tom lost his first tooth!  Whooo Hooooo!!!!!

Here’s a picture!


Okay, so I know it’s a day early, but both boys had Valentine’s Day Parties today so I’m just running with it!

I was going to get a picture of Tom with a flower he brought me from school, but he’s currently undergoing a “Candy Meltdown” in his bedroom…. argh!

So, here’s the pictures I got of Mr. Xander this morning…

Later edit :
So, Tom calmed down and I went to get some pictures of him with his “Crustatean” he got this morning at school.  It doesn’t matter how many times we tell him : “Tom, it’s a CARNATION”, he just can’t get it changed in his head…. ha!

Anyway… he said to me : “You know Mum, they sometimes hold flowers like this!” … and here’s the picture.

If you look really closely… in the front there.. there is one tooth sticking up a little further than the rest!  Yes, his first loose tooth!  Watch this space, for soon there will be one!!!!

I finally had to give in and format my computer.  I HATE doing this because I am guaranteed to lose stuff no matter how hard I try not to.

All my pictures… all 200 odd gigs of them are burned onto DVD.  Double checked and fine.  I got all my favorites etc. etc. also and then went through my Adobe Photoshop and saved all my stuff from there onto my Desktop before formatting.  Yes.  My Desktop.  They never made it onto DVD.  Gaaaah!  So, the next week or so I’m going to be trawling various sites downloading fonts and actions etc. etc.   It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a monumental pain.

However, on the plus side my computer is all clean and sparkling new again!  It’s fast and nippy like a smart car compared to the slow, trudging tank it had become.

I’ve only had the computer 8 months, so I’m going to try and be nicer to it this time around and keep it clean and zippy!

I went to Michaels to get a Picture Frame for my 30 x 30 picture below, and they wanted, with the 60% discount they are currently offering, $160 minimum. What?! How much? For four pieces of wood and some glass?

So, I made one myself for $60! Hah!

Here you go. I’m very proud of myself! I had some assistance from my husband with regards to cutting and holding corners together (very much a two person job), but I did so much of it myself!

Oh, excuse the picture quality, it was taken at night with no flash so I didn’t get a glare on the picture. Purely for reference only!


So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or just… Happy Holidays to my faithful reader(s?) …. hah!

I took a couple of shots of Alexander peering out the window this morning that I thought I’d share….

So, we have a new website and a new blog!

It’s been soooo much work, but so worth it, I think!  I’ve managed to lose a post or two from the blog, which doesn’t exactly make me happy, but at least I didn’t lose it all, which was on the cards there for a while!

Hmm… so what did we lose?

Oh…. textures.  I discovered Textures.   I discovered that whilst I thought I didn’t like textures, I actually LOVE textures… ha!  I’ve been having so much fun with them!

One of my first attempts at using textures made Flickr’s Front Page Explore (What is Flickr Explore?).  Not only made Front Page, but made Number 2!  And with no further ado, here’s the picture that made it there….

I’ve been doing a lot of work with textures lately, so here are some of what I’ve done…

Oh.. and just for fun …

If I’m not back again before…. Happy Christmas folks!!!!