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Channeling Julia :  “Big Mistake.  HUGE!”

What was I thinking?  Well, in all honesty, what I was thinking is that my ends were really badly split from a bad dye job and subsequent repair a couple of months ago that no amount of conditioning was going to fix, and that a really good short CHOP! was about the only way I could see of improving the situation.   However, by the time I got from the Salon to the car I was thinking: “Oh. My. Gosh.  What have I done?!”

It’s too short for me.  I look like a manic, overweight, slightly deranged, pixie.  It’s kind of cute though, in a manic, overweight, slightly deranged, pixie sort of way.  If I can just get used to it and try and make the front sit the way I want, I think it might not be so bad.   I said to John earlier : “It wouldn’t be so bad if the front wouldn’t keep going in two different directions”, to which he added : “Three, if you could straight up!”.  Thanks, Dear.  Always know I can rely on you….. lol.

So, there you have it.  Bad hair month coming up for me.  This said, I’ve just finished researching what vitamins can help hair grow strong and healthy and FAST!

Have a GREAT day!  Bah!







*runs screaming from the room to bury her head in the sand*